2016      neural-networks - led effort to add deep learning to Mathematica
2015      text-search - led effort to add Lucene-based text search capabilities to Mathematica
2015      ethereum-plot - plotting the Ethereum transaction graph for an Ethereum hackathon
2015      cryptography - led effort to add cryptography primitives to Mathematica
2014      dataset - led effort to add DataFrame-like construct to Mathematica
2013      fb-datascience - analysis and visualization for "Data Science of the Facebook World"
2013      wikispider - Go spider to do a breadth-first crawl of selected wikipedia articles
2010      egt - Mathematica laboratory for experiments in evolutionary game theory
2009      videobabe - prototype closed-circuit computer vision system for security applications
2009      2dtm - project to explore behavior of 2D Turing machines on polytopes
2009      fpga-trigger - wxPython GUI application for programming FPGA particle detection trigger circuits
2008      floatworld - evolutionary sim of RNN-controlled agents on a gridworld
2005      penguin - from-scratch cross-platform GUI and windowing toolkit
2000      choas - program for evolution via artificial selection, inspired by Dawkins' biomorphs